What is Reiki…

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes healing, used for stress reduction and practiced with the laying on of hands.

Entering into the world of Reiki is like entering a world filled with magic: So powerful is this magic that you will initially feel protected by veils drawn over you.  Soon, however, the veils will recede. You will strengthen your faith in the Divine and in yourself.  Working with a pure heart, you will come to share your light with the universal Reiki light. Thus your journey unfolds.

Gentle guides will accompany and aide you along your spiritual path. Your physical, mental and emotional bodies will undergo subtle and powerful transformations that will allow you to step into a new life, the life of Reiki healing.

Once you have made this metamorphosis, another world opens itself up to you— one of limitless growth, gratitude and joy. Your heart will soar, your mind will sing, your compassion and love will help you heal others as you heal yourself.

Holy Fire Reiki
Holy Fire Reiki is a new form of Reiki that has been introduced by the ICRT.  It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.  It is included in the Master Program and Karuna Reiki program.  There is an introduction to Holy Fire in the Reiki I &  II classes, placing the flame and igniting the spirit of Holy Fire into one’s soul.

Once Holy Fire has been ignited in the spirit it works continuously even without thinking about it, spontaneously healing issues that come up.  Holy Fire always respects free will, only providing the healing and guidance you accept.  It heals quickly without distress, healing relationships and interactions with others.  Spontaneously provides guidance that is palatable for every level of life experience.  Tends towards development of personality traits that are healthy for the person, so love of self, love of others, kindness, patience, confidence, vitality, enthusiasm, optimism, trust, joy and peace all emanate from you.

Birth of Holy Fire Thursday Jan 23, 2014
Holy Fire came quickly and unexpectedly into William Rand’s life as he was not seeking something as powerful and transformative as this. He first became aware of it and that he would be teaching it on January 23, 2014 which is just one day before he was to teach an ART/Master class. He was shown the symbol, received the attunement for it and how to give the attunements during three morning sessions he had with a spiritual adviser he have been seeing regularly for the past 19 years.

It was also explained to him that the Holy Fire energy needed to connect to his system in a unique way and that this would require that the Tibetan symbols and the energy of the violet breath be released. These energies had served their purpose and had helped him advance to this point and were also valuable in the healing they facilitated for others, but it was important that he let go of them. Once he gave my permission, the Holy Fire energy came in and in a respectful way created the energetic changes necessary for this to take place. It was also explained that the Tibetan energies will remain appropriate and useful for those who have them and haven’t taken the Holy Fire Reiki training. Of course all of this was a big surprise for him but the energy was so strong and the guidance so clear that he found it appropriate to accept the process and follow the instructions for teaching it.

There is also a calm confidence in knowing that the Holy Fire will guide and empower its own path forward to spread to all those who are willing to accept its blessings.

Since our first experiences with Holy Fire we have noted that the attunements for the Usui Master and Karuna levels are considerably different from what we have previously experienced. He had been told that because of this, they need a new name. We have been told to call them ignitions. The attunements for the Healing Attunement, I&II and ART are done in a similar way as they were in the past with the teacher physically interacting with the student, but substituting the Holy Fire symbol for the violet breath and Tibetan symbols. Complete instructions are in the revised manuals.

Holy Fire has no lineage. Lineage as it is used with Reiki refers to the physical person who originally channeled the energy. No one originally did this. Therefore, the lineage of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho will remains with Usui Sensei. The lineage for Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® will remain with William Lee Rand. But we need to always indicate that the Holy Fire does not have a lineage.


Holy Fire Karuna Reiki
Holy Fire Reiki is a powerful form of Reiki that can wholly transform you. The energy of Holy Fire Reiki begins as a spark. Through Reiki work, this spark ignites into a flame that consumes doubt, fear, and insecurity, leaving room for the Holy Fire to fill you wholly with love. Your body, spirit, mind and soul are transformed into one source of love, an unconditional and gentle love that brings inner peace and encourages you to become the compassionate, loving person you are—when you are wholly love, and thereby Holy.

To find out more about Holy Fire Reiki visit the International Center for Reiki Training.


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