What is Geobiology Land Clearing?

Do you feel that you have energy problems in your home or office?

Many believe energies in the earth can cause problems in our lives.  Dowsers have found that geopathic lines or geopathic stress zones can negatively impact our lives.  Hartmann and Ley Lines create a grid across the globe and these energies are in our homes.  While positively charged Ley lines are not detrimental, negative Hartman lines can cause illness and imbalance in your home and your life.

You can inherit energies deposited by your home’s previous owners, their family and pets. A Geobiology land clearing restores your land and home’s balance.  This harmony reflects strongly into your life and that of all who share your home, including pets; leading to a better physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

I believe we affect the energies as much as they effect us.  Our tight grip on our illness, negative thoughts, actions and emotions feedback into earth energies causing them to be detrimental to our health.  The energies in our homes constantly reflect back to us our emotions and feelings; change the energies and it can help change our lives.  We are energy beings living in a universe of energy and light.  We can change the subtle energies around us and within us with every thought, action and emotion.  With negative thoughts and emotions, we can imprint detrimental energies that may stay around affecting us for years.  With positive thoughts and emotions, we can imprint beneficial energies to strengthen and support ourselves.

Many things can bring negative energy into our landscape.  For example, underground streams may carry energy from toxic environments to our property.  Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) radiating from electronic appliances and devices can de-harmonize our living space.  The good thing about all of this is that we can dampen or transmute detrimental subtle energy fields into a beneficial energy.

As we go through life, we surround and fill ourselves with energy by what we think, feel and do.  We unconsciously imprint energies of our fear, anger, frustration and even our illness in our property, our home and ourselves.  These energies stand as a constant reminder of the events which caused them in the first place.

In contrast, the same thing happens with positive, joy-filled thoughts, actions and emotions.  We can positively impact our lives leaving a cosmic trail as part of our karmic path.  The more you understand about what is going on energetically, behind the scenes in your life, the more you can take charge of the process.

Through clearing the land with Geobiology I can clear or neutralize:

  • Pollution’s from air, water and land
  • Geopathic stress zones
  • Harmful energies from electric and electronic devices (EMFs)
  • Negative thought forms and emotions held within the land.
  • Negative cellular memory
  • Unwanted spiritual entities
  • Dark portals
  • Anything that is detrimental to your health and happiness

I can detect the presence of significant detrimental earth energies in your home or office (you probably can also, which is what brought you to this page), together we can transmute those energies and make them beneficial. Leaving you with a clean and energized living space and land.

I will work with quantum tools, light, sound, vibration and Sacred Geometry to restore Mother Earth’s original BLUEPRINT, releasing her stress in a very gentle way. I work co-creatively with Devic realms, Angelic realms, and Nature Spirits so that they can hold the newly restored frequencies and vibrations, bringing balance and harmony to the environment and into your life.

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