Summer Solstice Celebration

Thursday, June 21st is the Solstice, that makes it the perfect day for a celebration.

This is the time we celebrate the fullness of life, raising our energy to regenerate abundance and manifest our dreams. It’s the peak celebration of the Summertime when the days are longer than the nights. Physically we experience more *light* and, since the beginning of time, our ancestors marked this period with ritual and celebration.

Experience the outer and inner FIRE with a summer BONFIRE! (Okay, maybe not a bonfire but there will be fire!) We will play drums, dance, celebrate, gather fresh herbs and throw them into the fire. Time to write our deepest wishes and what we want to accomplish in the coming season on scripts of paper then we offer them to the fire.

I will be leading a drumming circle to bring in the Solstice Celebration. Bring any drums, rattles or anything you want to share in the Celebration.

I will be serving some appetizers after our Solstice Ceremony, if you would like to bring something to share it would be a welcome addition!
A $10 per person donation is requested
Email me if you know your coming!